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feeling like suicide (semi - serious)

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moving away from your parents will certainly help your mental state. the PhD itself, well, i haven't finished mine either, neither did my wife. then again, PhD is not automatically granting you anything, if you are not in the right spot. While you're working on the PhD, perhaps you could stay at university dorms? might not be what you want, but it would be a quick fix for cheap to stay away from your parents?

There aren't any. The way things are it's
1. Find any job possible and a place to stay (good luck with that, not a chance in a million)
2. Stay in a cheap hotel for room (good luck after the stroke, considering I still have the same symptoms)
3. Stay at parents house
4. Try to get admitted to a psychiatric hospital (will probably take some time)
5 ??

Basically I'm out of options, especially with my rapidly failing health.

i believe that there is surely other options - if you have any friends that you can crash with for a short time. look for shared apartment, at least someone can always check on you. just don't look at it as a bitter end without options, you might abandon some things though, your thesis, parents, maybe hormones for a while if you need the cash to be used elsewhere.

i believe that you're a smart person making it so far in the university, try to find a job there whatever the pay is, just to get off the ground. good luck!


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