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Can the gamers here recommend console/computer games where the protagonist can be or is transgender? 

Much thanks!


I second this. I've never heard of any big games with a trans main character tho I think I've heard of some indie games.
 For a while I was very excited about the new Cyberpunk2077 because of the inherent bod mod nature of alot of cyberpunk but I think the game studio has walked that back specifying that apparently you can have a arm cannon but you cant change your gender.
 I tend to play RPG games so I can make a custom character that in my headcannon is trans. Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Fallout and Skyrim are all pretty great games for that.
 I'm following this thread tho, I hope someone has some good recs

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You named some of my favorites there, all great games that I've probably invested hundreds if not thousands of hours in.  I had hopes for the new cyberpunk, sorry to hear it is gonna be a let down.  I'm looking for more than just being able to customize my character, I'm looking for plots or subplots that offer or reflect choices that embrace transgender.  If a game as old as Baldurs Gate can have romantic subplots that embrace gay and lesbian choices it baffles me that more current games cannot take one more step in their sophistication. 

If cybpunk gets enough market share then perhaps it will encourage the shadowrun folk to develop a new game to capture interest in that genre'.

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Alice V:
You know, I just remember visual novel "Magi Trials". Though it isn't about regular tg, main character just occasionally transform his body via magic ritual and it wasn't something he intended. Novel itself is pretty mediocre, but I like it anyway. Dunno why.

Mass Effect would definitely be my first choice, and Cyberpunk looks promising. I don't know any not already suggested that allow you to play out the romance options, but I'll make a case for trying Warframe. Playing a girl in that has helped with my dysphoria. In particular the quest where you gain your operator really connected with me on an emotional level (the theme song of which is called This Is What You Are), and was a catalyst for me discovering I was transgender.


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