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Found a Game/interactive story called Versus.  It offers choices for the main character that include gender including intersex and transgender.  It has multiple sub-plots that offer lesbian, gay, and other choices.  I have played through several times and have found it enjoyable.  I hope others here looking for such a genere' can appreciate and enjoy.

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Alice V:
I played it few times.
Actually, there's choiceofgames site with such novels. Most of them (if not all) including settings for fem/male/trans main chars with gay/straight/bi preferances. They don't have many endings, and choices mostly affect role-playing instead of plot - f. e., you can choose agility/strenght/charisma as main characteristic and in single situation solve problem with stealth/brute force or persuade. Also many of them making accent on reputation with different characters and fractions.

Versus and Hero Rise/Hero Project by Zachary Sergi my favorite - they have save transfer into new chapters. Just recently played I, Cyborg novel and found it quite enjoyable. Creatures Such as We is nice too.

There's also some games that provides reverse of social roles for men and women - for example, Choice of Broadsides forcing men in game to be housewifes and women - soldiers and leaders (I found it pretty weird so not recommended).

P. S. funny thing, recently they made game "Drag Star" :D


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