Author Topic: Heterosexual non-op ladies, how do you go about telling him you do not want SRS?  (Read 522 times)

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Hi everyone,
so I’m Debby and I’m a straight non-op lady.
I mostly date cis hetero men.

Usually I’m ashamed of telling him that I never plan on having “the big operation” .
For one or another reason many cis people seem to think that transition is all about having SRS.

So it sometimes happens that I meet a wonderful straight cis man, that we hit it off, that he knows about my genital configuration and that he proceeds to ask when I will have the big op.

I mostly beat around the bush instead of telling him “never”.
I’m even slightly ashamed of myself for not wanting GRS.

So to other straight non-op MtF ladies out there, how do you tell him and when do you tell him that you don’t plan on having the big operation?
How do men react to that?