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33 years


Happy anniversary to me! I quit drinking 33 years ago today. Never looked back.  :)

To anyone else on this path, keep fighting. Your life is worth it.

Hugs Devlyn

Alice V:
Congratz! :)
33 years is a long term and reason to be proud :)

Congratulations to my amazing and wonderful partner,  and to anyone else walking the same road. X

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Devlyn, congratulations.  I have half your experience - I quit drinking in 2003.  Wasn't easy but that's how some of the best things in life are achieved.

If anyone ever needs a hand with this send me a PM.

Congratulations Devlyn ,
Similar timelines quit drugs 1987 and quit drinking 1996 .
 Looking back it seems like another person, my life has been more full now than it ever was then. Sometimes I have heard people say looking back on the good old days, for me now is the good ole days
I hope the same goes for you and Megan and not forgetting Kendra also 


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