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Hi Everyone,
I am hoping this reaches some Aussies who have gone through all the change of name stuff. I'm in Victoria. Just wanting reassurance that it's not too difficult to change my name for "everything". I just got my new birth certificate, taking a certified copy to work for them to update their internal records and IT systems. Next I want to look at government agencies. VicRoads, Centrelink, medicare, tax office. Then Bank, Superannuation, insurances, utilities, and real estate, followed by any other miscellaneous services I haven't thought about.
I'm pretty methodical, just interested to know of any difficulties others have faced.

Thank you,

Alice V:
Congratulations :) It's good you have all this without serious obtacles ;)
Since you interested.. I'm just at start of my path, but from info I collected I know that my country lack regulations for documents change so I can easily stumble upon controversial situation when administration refusing to change docs because I ain't post-op and doctors refusing to perform op because I didn't change docs. Everything solvable but it's just ridiculous.


Hi Chloe,

The name changes are very straight forward. I suggest getting the driving licence done first and then you can use that for all the other agencies as ID.
The things to think about. Bank - if you expect any payments in your old name try and get them cleared first or get them to pay in your new name. I had a very amusing incident while depositing an ATO cheque in my old name to the Bank Teller who had changed my name on my account. She was lovely and helpful but it created hassles for both of us. The ATO may want to change your Tax Number to a new one in your new name as it is easier for them, I don't know if this has been a hassle for anyone, it hasn't been for me.  Real Estate, this was the only hassle, changing the name on the certificate of title for the mortgage, they wanted to charge a fee. I told them to forget it and that I would do it when and if I sold up - or in my case my executor can worry about it!
Medicare was lovely, a very nice person helped me and she apologised as she hadn't done one before, I had googled the instructions and gave her a copy and she used that. We had a great chat as she did all the changes and got my new cards. Driving licence - the woman taking the picture insisted on taking a few extra pics as she explained - 'darling, men can have any <not allowed> photo, we girls deserve better' so she took a selection for us to choose from.

Other services. GP, Optician, Credit cards. Absolutely no one gave me any difficulties and I found people to be very lovely and excited for me as well.

I just applied for a new passport.  It was a little more complicated, but a very friendly county person helped me with everything!  I should have my new passport in my hands in about 4 weeks; all with my new name and gender marker on it!

I am doing the same with my German passport (I am a dual citizen).  I am listing every step for this in the German language section of this forum, including my correspondence with the Consular General in Miami.  So, if you are German, go to the German section here at Susan's and get a guideline how to go about it!

I would do your medicare as a priority as once you have that then the all medical agencies “have” to change your name as it now becomes the only way they can get paid. They have to not only have the correct numbers but corresponding names as it is set pit on your medicare card.

My experience is the same as Cindy’s and it was all very straight forward. I did mine about 3 years ago and am still finding things that I forgot....not much now but occasionally something will change.



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