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Well its been a very long time in starting this journey and i have no clue yet as to how or what will happen over the next months and years.
I came out to a few friends who i know socially and they were really supportive and great which is something i was not expecting from any of them, and this really helped me come to terms with who i want to be :)
I told my wife one night a few weeks ago, which has come as a great shock to her, even tho she knows i been dressing for over 30yrs she was not expecting this and ever since i get odd questions and some fairly snide remarks about it all, but I was expecting this and having been married for 21 yrs decided that time in my life is for me now, maybe that's selfish but i need to be true to how i feel and what i want in my life. I hope she accepts this and stays but with marriage and transitioning we can not be sure on what will happen as i can only imagine it must be hard for her as it has been for me.
So i have set myself some goals for the year that actually mainly focus on me getting back to having the body i used to have and starting my hormone journey to becoming Kalandrina.
April 15th i saw my GP for standard routine bloods as i suffer from Hypertension probably from being overweight. The results came back to show slightly high cholesterol at which i was offered medication to reduce the value only 5.4 but over the limit. I was weighed at 108.5 KG...time for a change i decided
May 10th having been on my diet and doing as much exercise as i can i am 101.6 and feel great, no snacks, no chocs, reduced alcohol intake :( Aiming for end of May at around 95KG and a waist drop of 4 inches
June i plan to visit my GP for GiC referral, and also get her onside for my blood tests, and also hope to get off my hypertension meds and reduce my cholestrol and also register with GenderGP so i can sort things out privately. Aiming for 90KG
July start my hormones via private practise... hoping to loose more weight

Telling the rest of my family and my son will be hardest steps.

Goals and Milestones i will update as i move through this great change in life :) Ideally i want to get back to 70-75KG by Xmas :)

Thank you Kalandrina for starting this journal.  It will be a source for you to revisit and see the changes that you experience.  Though everyone is different, it may also be a source for someone in your similar situation and gain insight to their needs.
I will be looking forward to your updates.

Hugs and smiles 🌸🌸🌸

My first laser session is booked now for the 4th of July :)

Weight down to 100.5 so close to double figures  :)


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Well today i am down to 97 KG, and able to get to 4miles on treadmill. Tried on some my skirts for summer but they now all too big :( In fact so are all my Jeans...belts needed. I dropped from 42inch waist to 38 now, so feeling amazing. Not been this size since i had a personal trainer 12 years ago. Ordered a new bicycle, had to get ladies one as its purple, and didn't like the male colour.
Had to put clothes buying on hold till i get to my preferred weight, but a clear-out of clothes is due soon.

Laser starts properly on 9th July and have first 3 sessions booked. cannot wait.

Therapy on 12th June and hopefully hit my target of 90KG by end of July, then i can start my HRT :) Made a promise to my best friend that i would hit 90KG before i would start HRT as an incentive to keep up the weight loss, and also to take part in a 5Km run before Xmas and a 10Km run early in the new year.

Saw my GP last week who has been amazing, she wont do a shared care plan but will refer me to GIC and also do my bloods when requested by Gender GP which is awesome news. Waiting on first set of blood to come back now see if i dropped my cholesterol enough and on the right path away from being close to diabetic.



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