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Well its been 3yrs since i started this amazing journey and it still ceases to amaze me. Loving everything that happened with life, though the last 18 months have been a mental struggle with house finances, mainly to do with sorting out old house so we didn't have to sell. So my wife is still my wife and we are still married, She of course has her moments, and i can  give her those as i have mine :) We didn't want to sell our old house by sea and started running it as a holiday home, this caused a few financial mortgage issues which ok was hard, but its been busy so it kept us in good wine :)
Still cannot budge the weight from 84/85 KG, maybe that's cause i keep falling off the good food wagon and hitting the crisps, but hell i cycle 40k a day, i am forgiven.

So i change job next month which is why i thought i should update this thread, as it was my story. My son doesn't know yet, but he does ask questions about my chest...soon as he finishes Uni :)

So life has been good and its only getting better :)

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Kally:
I was wondering how you are doing and how you are progressing in your journey as you head for your goals....

Thank you for posing again after your last update many, many months ago in 2020

     Ughhh... financial issues with your home
     Good news...  not having to sell
     Good news...  your wife is still your wife and you are still married
     Losing weight... just about all of us struggle with that
     Changing jobs...  hopefully to a much better job ...  More Pay? ???
     Interesting... your son still doesn't know, but your chest generates his questioning

Again, thank you for keeping me and the rest of your followers up to date with your life
endeavors... both good news and bad news.

I will be looking for your next update soon, hopefully sooner than months from now !!! :)


Well its taken me nearly 2 years to write an update :)

But i am actually loving life at the moment. I have those strange times where dress is very so so, due to Uni holidays :) , but generally its fine, only summer seems to drag on :(

Just bought a swimspa now all the finances sorted....need to get back into swimming. Generally means that i could fulfil my goal and do a Triathlon before i hit 60 :)

Changing jobs wasn't for the pay, its only a very small increase. More to do with they want me :) The opportunities that it will open up at work and the people i have spoken too from the company ooze fun. Where i am now i have to fight to battle red tape to type my name ....its called IT and Banking....never again the chains are snapped and i am leaving the banking world. I am still buzzing about starting....nearly as much as my new boss seems to be about me starting as he phones me every week to check not changed my mind :)

Weight is down to snacking more than i cycle :)

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Kalandrina:
It was your special day YESTERDAY November 8th.......

I am wishing YOU a very, very
    H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y
                :icon_birthday:         :icon_birthday:                 
    ?  ??? What were your plans for your Special Day ??? ?
With friends? family? CAKE and Candles?  :icon_dance:

HUGS and best wishes,

Maybe an XMas update is due, as i really should keep adding more and more to this.

Still stuck on weight loss, but as its been a crazy few months of partys at work, and with friends i tend to get 4 days before a few drinks...not easy to drop the weight, but its stationary at 85KG mark. Think i might try this ultrasound fat loss, non-surgical lipo :) See if that helps.

Swimming in morning 30 mins now, and then after work i am down to 20K cycle as Physio has told me i need to build up my muscle in the left leg as its in constant pain. Then another 25 mins swim :) The hardest part atm is the walk in -8 to end of garden in a swimsuit.....least pool is at 31 :)

New job has gone really well and my boss and my colleagues are totally accepting of me, and all know about Kally. She even managed a guest appearance at the Xmas party, which was the first works do i have ever been to as me :) Far too much drink and hugs..

Senn that Aviva health insurance is offering something very new next year and will be the first private medical insurance company in the uk to offer this.
This is quite groundbreaking for the UK. And as luck would have new job comes with Aviva cover :) Maybe everything is falling into place.

January will see me head to Turkey at last to get my hair done, with a drop and shape of my hairline, and filling my crown. They say 4000-5000 grafts are not an issue, and no need to do a full head shave :)

March i actually celebrate my 25th Wedding anniversary with a few days in Marbella, my brother in law just bought and apartment their, and killing 2 birds have an appointment with FacialTeam :) How on earth did i get to 25yrs, no clue as only 4 yrs ago i received divorce papers from my wife after i told her. Well its still touch and go and no idea what will transpire over the next 2 years. She still won't let me tell my son until he finishes UNI...sometimes feel he be an eternal student LOL.

Had an eyelash lift a couple weeks ago, amazing results, so my wife went and she had no lift at all, was well jealous :)

Merry Xmas and Happy new Year to all :)


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