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Kalandrina's Journey Begins

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Hi Kally,

That's fantastic girl!! Congrats!! All your hard work is going to pay off BIG TIME!!

I've been trying to lose a lot of weight too, but there's a huge problem for me. I have severe degenerative disc disease which hinders me from exercising. I'm only able to stand for about 3 or 4 minutes before the pain becomes unbearable. So what I've been doing is standing up and moving around as much as possible til my back is screaming at me, then sitting back down. Once my back eases up I rinse and repeat. I guess you'd call it like quick cardio or something. I told my doctor that I had planned to exercise like that before I started and he's fine with it. He just urged me to be cautious that I don't throw my back completely out, because then I'll be bedridden for over a week.

Oh and I've been watching what I eat. Most days I've been sticking to eating salads. But they're probably not considered normal salads by most people, because I'm the world's pickiest eater. My only ingredients are lettuce, extra sharp shredded cheddar cheese, a few of those tiny little tomatoes, and a little bit of thinly sliced sandwich chicken, with some fat free french dressing. Lettuce makes up about 80% of the salad. For me it's pretty filling which keeps me from snacking between meals.

Hopefully the weight will start falling off soon. By the way I LOVE the way your weight sounds in kilos. When I first read your weight I thought holy <not allowed> you must be tiny at only 108 lbs. hahaha...then I reread it and saw that it was in kilos instead of pounds. The best sounding way to measure weight though has to be in stone. For example I only weight 19.6 stone. ;D ;D ;D

Keep up the good work,


P.S. I hope that last part gave you a little giggle this morning.  ;)

Kally- amazing progress. And as above a great log of the achievement made. Exciting to have booked in the laser treatment. You are brace too in telling some close friends well done. Hopefully with time your wife will see you are in a better place and you can be really close mates .

Erin x

Fab name too

Had an email this morning that i am all good to go and that my blood work was fine and my therapy meeting confirmed what i knew. Just a few bits of paperwork to do and sort out medications.

Yay, all approved and just waiting on my prescription for my medication to be sent over :)
Now all i need to do is get under 90KG and the real journey can begin, and i am so excited  :)

Kalandrina... Losing weight is one of the biggest factors in making me feel good about myself. Going from 135kg to 95kg. Just being able to wear non polyester natural fiber clothes is a plus. My wife shops at Lane Bryant and I hate her clothes. i shop at Venus. Being in the closet does so much to shut down our lives. We tend to withdraw, become bitter, depressed, our self worth is questioned. I could not operate under those circumstances any longer. I knew I could no longer cover up without doing more harm than good to our relationship. I lost my first wife because I cross dressed. Jo, my second has known for the 35 years we have been married. But I didn't pursue transition until just over three years ago due to heart problems which ironically indicate my exposure to massive female hormones while in the womb. I hope everything turns out as you imagined it. It is tuff to know you are risking a relationship you have spent so long working to establish. I can tell you, living the rest of my life as the person I always knew was hidden inside. is the best thing I have ever done for myself. There are no regrets. All the best.


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