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Kallys weight loss

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Yay under a 100 for first time in 10 yrs. 99.6 Kg...

I can see Junes Goal of 95 now :)

Taken up playing squash again

Maid Marion:
That is great!

I've noticed that exercising has moved my waistline so that it is right below my ribs,  above my belly button.  At my age  don't do a lot of it like younger people.  It is more for range of motion and flexibility.

Well its the feeling less weight on my joints is making exercise far better

Well 9 days to go before end of June, and today weighed in at 95.8 Kg, so lost 2 stone since middle of April. Hard work but actually enjoying my diet and makes me feel soo much better all round. Just need to push a little more for 95 by end of the month. Then aim for 90 by start of August and ready to start all my journeys

Hey Kally...great job. Congratulations!! You're gonna reach your goal in no time at all.

I love that you used the weight term that I said I'm going to start using. That would be the term stone. I really like that one.

I've been trying to lose weight too and so far have shed 7 pounds...or half a stone I guess.  ;D ;D ;D



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