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--- Quote from: Amoré on September 02, 2019, 09:15:07 am ---So Linde do you get menstrual pains and cycles?

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I am way past menopause.  But I do not have an uterus, just one lonely ovary.  I used to have some kind of  a cycle for a few days every month, when i did not feel that great.  But without uterus, I did not have menstrual problems.

I decided to pop in here and tell all what the rat race of my pain lead to. The answer is nothing   ???

I finally had the MRI done the radiologist was a doosh and the ref letter was basically prove I am male so he jotted down all the male bits.

Well I am male and have male bits that I get and know I have a child. I am a software dev and not a doctor so I can't read the images and know everything that is going on there to me it looks like an angry alien.

Well moral of the story I am just a guy down there.  :D

The doc doesn't even look at the pics really the look at what the radiologist wrote and that is it you are labeled. Male pelvis.

This wonderful radiologist didn't even note that I have a cyst the size of a jelly bean. Good man.

I just hate this medical industry because docs don't communicate properly and also bring there personal problems with anyone that doesn't fit the norm in.If I was a normal CIS guy I would have had my cyst taken care off already. But I am transgender and because I have dysphoria I get sub par treatment.

To add a bit more to the story I have been struggling 3 years with migraines upper back pain shoulder blade pain actually lets just put it my whole upper right side arm and everything neck pains and is always in spasm and the joints keeps on popping.

I went to chyros doctors and and and. At times I could not even pick up a kettle they blamed it on anxiety. Told me even the pain is in my head and anxiety is creating pain where it doesn't exist.

Forward 3 years later a month back went to a new physio. Turned out my C5 disc has been slipped for the last 5 years due to a car accident and whiplash and got worse with time. Now I have to get a fusion or they have to burn the nerve or something because of the damage it caused being left so long. This is because I am transgender doctors assumed I have mental illness and my pain is not real. They even blamed it on looking for attention. 

When it comes to genital pain and cyclic pain it gets even worse and I was told to take some pain killers and just accept it because it is anxiety.

We did xrays of my neck the docs look at it and was like no there is nothing wrong see I think it is time you go back to your psychologist.I took this xray to then physio he wanted to do back flips when he saw it and that they just ignored it. Also are you on anxiety medication if you are not I will suggest you get some is a common answer from them.


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