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Is it possible to change your name while living in a different state? (PA)

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Good morning, jryd!

This guidance sheet from the Nevada State Legislature may be helpful regarding Nevada requirements:

Unless otherwise required by a specific statute, NRS 10.155 provides that the legal residence of a person in Nevada is that place where the person has been physically present within the state during the period for which residency is claimed. Legal residence starts on the day that such actual physical presence begins. If a person leaves the jurisdiction of his or her residence with the intention, in good faith, of returning without delay and continuing his or her residence, the time of absence is not considered in determining the fact of residence."

So it looks like the critical factors in determining resident status are (1) your presence in the state, and (2) your good faith intention to live and remain there.  Brief absences don't matter.

The fact sheet (linked above) specifies some time limits for certain purposes not at issue in your situation - like a six-week requirement for filing for divorce.

If the process is lengthy in Pennsylvania, it seems like you might want to just make the move and then change your name when you get to Nevada.

Thank you all so much for takin the time to answer me, I appreciate your answers and guidance. Definitely helped me with the decision Im going to make.

I am a little late to this post, but think that it is important to know for many people that it is possible to get a lot of direct information by State from State websites for name and gender changes, legal residency for those changes.  And, you can get some really good support and additional help information just also Googling the question you may find local LGBT support groups for document and other changes, because some of them are located in the State where the legal action may take place, and some national trans support organizations with "How To" instructions State by State.  Just always check with the State sites to make sure that the support advice is up to date.

I hope that this works for you and others, because it really helped me as I went through my own process.



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