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Research Topic: Do online trans communities enhance well-being?

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This is an approved study for people in the USA. Please participate if you so wish.

Seeking Trans Participants for Study on Online Communities
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My name is Logan and I am a researcher at UC Santa Cruz. We are conducting a study on the relationship between participation in online communities and well-being for transgender people (including non-binary and genderqueer people who identify as trans). I identify as non-binary trans myself, and my hope is that this research can lead to a better understanding of how online trans communities can enhance well-being.

I am sharing the survey here for anyone who would like to participate. Participation is voluntary, your answers will be kept confidential, and you can stop the survey at any time. The survey is expected to take approximately 15 minutes.

Participants must:
-   Be 18+
-   Currently reside in the US
-   Identify as transgender

You can participate by visiting the following site:

If you have any questions, please reach out to me at

Thank you for your time!

Did it, thank you.  Not especially painful or intrusive.  Hope this helps the community.

Thank you for sharing,


Well... I gave up on the survey when it started asking essay style questions rather than multiple choice.

Towards the beginning, there was a sexual orientation question, and two-spirit was listed as a choice. I'm a student of the "Gender isn't sexuality" school, so I'm wondering why the question was structured that way.

I think that's a design flaw, you could contact the author


--- Quote ---The past and present experiences of transgender people are often influenced by the sex they were assigned at birth . . .
--- End quote ---
Number three is not phrased as a question . . . only infers a birth sex answer? Rather confusing . . .

Thank you again for your participation!

--- Quote from: Devlyn on May 19, 2019, 08:16:06 am ---Well... I gave up on the survey when it started asking essay style questions rather than multiple choice.
--- End quote ---
I found the free form responses rather refreshing . . .

          Told them Exactly how I feel and "gave 'em both barrels"! I have my own php based Survey System that uses logic branching, questions based on prior responses, but it's also more demographic orientated and asks specific, personal history/situation questions that nobody really likes to answer! (ie: 'rural/urban' living, 'which state' one lives in, and number of known 'trans friends/associations' etc . . . ?)

          I also left them my email in the hope of possibly collaborating on future surveys one can easily "push the survey envelope" by simply making certain answers *mandatory* while others purely *optional*! Was also curious about "target groups" by maybe including "cis" and "sig-other" responses?

Overall I'd give it a grade of B+ / A- better than most I've seen!


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