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Research Topic: Do online trans communities enhance well-being?

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Oh there were more questions

Oh I don't qualify


--- Quote from: Chloe on May 20, 2019, 10:47:46 am --- Number three is not phrased as a question . . . only infers a birth sex answer? Rather confusing . . .

Thank you again for your participation!
 I found the free form responses rather refreshing . . .

          Told them Exactly how I feel and "gave 'em both barrels"! I have my own php based Survey System that uses logic branching, questions based on prior responses, but it's also more demographic orientated and asks specific, personal history/situation questions that nobody really likes to answer! (ie: 'rural/urban' living, 'which state' one lives in, and number of known 'trans friends/associations' ?)

Overall I'd give it a grade of B+ / A- better than most I've seen!

--- End quote ---

Any response that isn't a data point will need to be interpreted, on a basis we don't know, and then entered as a data point, based on (who's) interpretation. There are confusing and conflicting uses of gender and sexuality terminology.

I question whether this will help the transgender community, as people seem to be assuming, or merely help this person get a grade by submitting faulty and problematic information.

Devlyn, I've had the same thoughts and will not participate in this flawed survey.



--- Quote from: Lisa89125 on May 31, 2019, 02:41:29 pm ---Devlyn, I've had the same thoughts and will not participate in this flawed survey.


--- End quote ---

 Qualmetrics allows you to scroll though a whole survey without answering any questions - which I did.

(Sorry, too many years in customer facing IT!)

As Devlyn alluded, I think this survey is part of a doctoral dissertation.  I don't think it's flawed, per say, as much as I think some of the questions get too personal and hit on issues that my therapist and I are still working through.

I'm only, just now, sharing with my spouse at my therapist's suggestion.  I'm not ready to share a with others.

To address the high level question:  I live in nowhere rural Oklahoma.  I know of only one other MTF in my area and she went missing back in March.   Bothers me a lot.  Especially thinking about when I came out to my PCP,  she confided she had one other Trans patient.  Is our missing sister the other Patient?

Soooo. I'm on Susan's Place because I have no local connections.

That should answer the basic question of the survey.  (Yes, I still need to provide my demographic info to my response.......)



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