Author Topic: Health Insurance turned away for Dental for having 2 names - my rights?  (Read 720 times)

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TLDR: Dental office turned away CA Medi-Cal for having Dead Name on it while having new Medicare/CA ID with new name saying it was Suspicious  - found a new dental office and now getting billed over $138

Story Time

SO here in CA-USA not sure how it works in other states/Countries you are only allowed to see 1 DR office for 365 Days using Medi-Cal.

so i went into my DR Medical office where they also have Dental.

for the past 3 years since i got my Social Card, Birth certificate, CA-ID, Medicare info changed the DR office has always taken my DEAN NAMED MEDI-CAL card while it was was changed as at the time i never knew how to change it.

Even the labs department for blood worked took it like that as well as RX prescriptions before i updated my Silver Script.

So the person at the counter told me she cant accept my insurance as the name on File does not match the Dead Name on the insurance card and would be flagged as Suspicious, my tooth cracked the day before and pain, they told me i would have to pay out of pocket and once i get a new insurance card with my New Name i can ask them to re-bill it to the insurance then out of pocket.

i needed a RX for pain i had no choice i felt forced i felt it was like getting shot and told... yeah you need to pay out of pocket or bleed out.... LOL

so i paid $1 out of pocket as that was all i had

i then later called around and found another Dental office and they also offer Crown and root Canal and have medi-cal cover it.

so i went with them and they took my medi-cal card under dead name and used my new name on file no questions asked, i explained to them what happen at the other dental office they walked me through the steps to get a new medi-cal card under new name, took me 3 weeks.

went to medi-cal aka The works... was told i dont have medi-cal it was closed 2009.

i left the office confused

went week later talked to someone else who also told me i dont exist...

was told would u like to apply for medi-cal i said sure why not, i applied

as i walked down the street i get a call to return to the office and was told i do have service and that i need to "retract" my application and say it was not done under duress nor coerced to retract my application.

once all this was done they told me to wait 1 to 3 weeks for my new card which came.

i updated it with new dental.... but now feel i goof up as that was back in JAN/FEB and now my tooth is rotting away as they keep tilling me they are waiting on approve with Medi-cal...

so my question is

the 1st Dental office where they in the right or wrong to turn my insurance away... & if so what are my steps to report them

or is this something that is not for this website....

i already paid half of it i only owe $47 more... which to spite them i am only paying them $1 a month.... for 47 months they dont like they they trying to say i have 10 days to pay the full amount  >:-)


Why don't you try and find out how to get the name changed on your Medi-Cal card? Surely there is a way to do it.

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Short of legally changing everything, I would suggest a carry letter from your therapist. The letter would explain the diagnosis and indicate as a part of treatment you're using the new name however some records may still contain the old one. The therapist should indicate they can be called to clarify any issues. You may still have to be billed under your old name be it will only be until you're able to change all your paperwork.

I carried a similar letter because at the time it was illegal to drive in a disguise. While I never needed it, I would have used it had a policeman stopped me. We called it our get out of jail free card.  ;D
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i already got my name and gender legally changed and 2 weeks after the Dental Refused my Insurance card i went and got it corrected.

so everything is now up to date.

and the New Dental place i found has me done for a root canal this Thursday & later the crown.

but i wanna go after the DR office for turning my card down for no reason other then they think its suspicious.

the Dental is part of the Medical same patient system so they can see my old insurance was getting paid.

they had no reason to decline my insurance.

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I just wrote this in another thread and may be applicable to you.  If you changed your Social Security number, you then need to make sure (i.e. go to your local SS office) and make sure that they made those same name and/or gender changes on all other parts of the US Government that uses the Social Security card as their source of your ID, name and gender.  Until all that is changed correctly, anyone looking up your ID data (doctor's offices and insurance companies) will probably only see your dead name and dead gender information.  I also am on Medicare and live in California. 

I hope this helps.


Re: Dr office wont stop calling me male pronouns and has it on my chart as male.
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Linde has defined the problem, which for us retirees also involves Social Security.  First when you change your Name or/and gender for your card, you also need to insist that they also change the same information on all other US Government agencies that use the Social Security card as the base ID.  That includes the Internal Revenue Service (IRS),  Medicare insurance and so on.  I picked up my court order for name and gender change here in California and went right to my local Social Security office and got my Social Security info changed accordingly, which happens within 24 hours and you receive a new card in about 3 weeks.  No, problem. 

I understood that it would take longer for my Medicare and IRS to change that data.  My doctors were all great about changing my name and gender in their records but had to continue using my previous data until my Medicare changed that data, which would also then allow for my Medi-Gap insurance provider (private insurance company) to change that dat too.  After several months I called and told top go back to my local Social Security office and have them fill out the correct forms to change my name and gender all the other places too.  Took about an hour both times and now all is correctly changed.  You have to make sure they start the complete change on your first trip to their office, otherwise you will continue to have that problem as to how your insurance identifies you.
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