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Dr office wont stop calling me male pronouns and has it on my chart as male.

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so over the past 3 years every-time i go into DR office they all reffed to me a HIM, HE, SIR.

i have complied many times and showed i had my info changed to female they then change my account to female and if i go in with a UTI or issues below they come in and question my birth gender whats in my pants to showing me the device they use on females for a pap...

and before i know it the account is back to male.

99% of the time when i go into the office they ask for NAME.... and the address and phone to make sure its you.... so i always hand over ID which has a girls name and F for the sex and still get called male pronoun.l

i finally got proof as before it was all verbal and just the account MALE.

they sent me a message through the online patent portal saying HIM on it.

CA-USA whats my rights to report this or sue?

Maid Marion:
I'd find another doctor.  Seriously.  My biggest health issue is stress. 

Haley Conner:
I recall hearing the other day that people are now required by law to use your preferred pronouns regardless.  I'm not sure if there's anything to that, or of the specifics though.  In many cases, people are not expected to adapt to new laws immediately, and so are safe in their choice not to comply, but in your case, I find it pretty outrageous.  I would probably check legal sites for the laws regarding it.  Maybe sue them, THEN change doctors.  :D

They ought to be using your preferred name and pronouns, but my chart still shows male, I think that's pretty standard. It helps them schedule the male specific testing that we require, for example prostate exams.


--- Quote from: Haley Conner on May 19, 2019, 02:11:10 pm ---I recall hearing the other day that people are now required by law to use your preferred pronouns regardless.
--- End quote ---

AFAIK there is no such law at the U.S. federal level (and with the current administration I'd be surprised if such a regulation came through).


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