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Transgender and conservative
« on: May 20, 2019, 02:34:11 am »
I was trying to reconcile my political ideologies with my personal beliefs and feelings about being transgender.   I am pretty conservative which generally merits being whacked with a wet mackerel in most discussions with members of the transgender community.

I had a thought that I would like to put on the table, let folks take a peek, poke it a little and let me know if it has an odd smell to it.

One of the major tenets of any conservative belief is that the government and society should just but out of our personal business.  Conservatives like to believe that people don't need big government to tell them how to run their lives.  Conservatives believe that we should not be heavily regulated....So I say....well, big government ....don't tell me that I am male...don't tell me that I can't pee in a particular bathroom and don't be so invasive as to call into question my autonomy in making decisions about myself....sounds pretty conservative.  It also sounds like some of the things I hear from the less conservative members in our society.  Any thoughts?


Re: Transgender and conservative
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Unfortunately the chances of this topic not becoming one big slugfest is zero, so I will stop it now.