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Do you like to wear hats or caps? If so, what kind?

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As it is getting cooler in some spots in the USA, are you starting to wear outdoor hats or caps again?


Hate hats, always have, used to get scared theyd make me bald.
And they are so very masculine in the man's world, same as watches, always was a very masculine thing that your parents would buy for occasions and they where always so manly and chunky, now I have developed an odd dislike for these things I would never where one.

Still Like my hoodies......but not so into caps anymore ....

I never got in the habit of wearing them for a couple of reason. I spend a good deal of time indoors and  the tradition I grew up with says that you don't wear a hat indoors. The other more important reason is I wear an extra fat head - - err extra large so a normal cap or hat doesn't fit. The one size fits all don't work because the bottom may be large enough to take my head but the top still is sized for a regular head. This cause the hat to hat to pop off the top of my head and I feel I will lose the hat with any movement.

I have acquired a palm hat that I reserve for when I might receive a great deal of sun exposure but the hat hasn't really seen any use yet. There are hats I really like and they are the ones displayed at the Kentucky Derby. Will I ever own one, probably not because I don't have any place to wear it. 

On the other hand, nature has provide me with a mop of hair. I don't really need a hat to protect the top of my head so I get along pretty well without one.

I have a million of base ball aps, but never really liked to wear them (most of them were promotions or from ork events, etc.) I also grew up learning that the hat comes off, once you enter a building.  For me to wear a hat, it had to be a really cold winter day in Minnesota!
Now that  live in the tropics, I thought it would be cool to wear a wide brimmed sun hat.  I own there of them, and still don't like to wear a hat.
I dislike hoody's very much, I never would wear those, because the mess my hair up way to much!


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