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Has anybody ever changed their gender and name on a US Naturalization Certificate.

I have changed everything, passport, SS  card, medicare, Real ID drivers license, but not the certificate, because he seem to want close to $600 to do so.  But I am starting to get cold feet leaving it (it is my US "birth certificate") with the new Trump regulations coming up.  I think they would have a hard time tracing me as a transgender person if this is changed.

Has anybody ever changed this certificate?  What is involved getting it done?

With all these hassle I will wait after Dotards going to prison

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--- Quote from: Meghan on May 28, 2019, 01:40:16 pm ---With all these hassle I will wait after Dotards going to prison

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But if he puts his ideas into action that health care can be taken away from us?  I thought to make it as sound proof as a I can to make it hard to be identified as transgender.

If you can, take care of it sooner than later. If I was a gambler, I’d wager he and/or pence will be with us until 2024.

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I just Googled "How to change name and gender on US naturalization document" and had multiple hits.  Some are transgender help sites.  One of those listed the form number, which I clicked.  The non-refundable charge is $410.00 for the application fee plus $85.00 if they require biometrics.  I think that means finger prints and maybe eyeball scans.  I would recommend checking all these help sites plus the US Government site for helpful hints and instructions how to fill out all the forms.  That is what I basically did to change all my documents, research, read, ask questions, fill out and submit.  with all this immigration issues right now, there are many, many respectable immigration lawyers out there, and some may include pro bono help to fill out forms correctly.  Good luck.

I still need to change my car registration, but need a copy of car title too.  Since I will make my last payment this week, I will get my title from my lender after that with no lien on it.  The other last major thing is my birth certificate in Michigan (I live in California).  They require a notarized letter from the doctor who does a gender reassignment surgery (their words).  I read that an orchiectomy should be good enough, but I am going to wait for my BA and have that doctor fill out, sign and notarize that form. 

Good luck and I agree, you may sleep better knowing that you have that corrected document in your own files all officialized.



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