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Possible Intersex descovery


I think my girlfriend is intersex. Been dating her on an off. I realy got a close look when she spend 4 days with me up in the mountains.  I love her and explained my discovery to her.  She said we talk more when we be together for more time.  She has a hard time trusting anyone. And this has opened up a lot of questions fot me.. i need help on how to procede cause i love her the way she is

Hi Hache,

I just wanted to welcome you to Susan's Place. I have no experience with intersex though. But I will say that if you like her just give her time and she'll probably start trusting you. I wouldn't pressure her or anything like that. She'll tell you everything you need to know when she's ready.

Good luck!!


Welcome to Susan's Place. The best way to gain her trust is never to lie or mislead her. I don't know is an acceptable answer if you don't really know. As you mentioned intersex, probably the best thing to do would be to print off what you find or provide links so that she can make up her own mind and verify the information with her doctor.

She probably has been hurt in the past and the only way you can gain her trust is to prove that you're different and deserve her trust. It will be a slow process but given enough time you should be able to gain her trust.

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