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I contacted a private gender doctor and they told me to access hormones I would need to provide documented evidence of living full time as my preferred gender.
I haven't a clue what this MEANS or what sort of evidence beyond a name change is evidence.

I can't change my gender marker without a letter of gender recognition which I can't get without a diagnosis of gender dysphoria and honestly it feels freaking wierd to change my legal documentation before starting anything as I still very much LOOK female. I cannot pass, I will never pass without hormones and expecting people to treat me as male is frankly laughable. It's not gonna happen.
So how can I really have "real life experience" if I don't present as male?

I wear mens clothing, i have short hair, but that's not ENOUGH. Even letting my facial hair grow isn't ENOUGH. People still read me as female.
So I really don't see how it's possible to get full time experience if you don't get read as the correct gender ever. 100% of the time i'm read as female.

So what "evidence" does this require? What do I have to do?

It just feels like endless bloody hoops to jump through and honestly i'm pretty depressed. But I desperately need T, and to get it I need to play these stupid games.

That's unbelievable.  I was able to get HRT on informed consent and living full time is not required for anything here, not even surgery.  I live in Ontario, where the protocols were changed in March 2016, to make things a lot easier for us.

Hi F_P_M,

I don't know for sure what kind of documented evidence you could give them. But I think I'd have your husband write out an official type document telling them that you've been living as a man for over a year. Obviously you wouldn't change your name at this time, so that wouldn't work. So hopefully it'll all hinge on your husband. Would he be willing to do something like that for you?


F P M,

I think the more productive conversation with your physician might be to say that the current version of WPATH doesn't require any time spent living in target gender role. That puts the onus on them to say why they feel an outdated version is how they want to proceed.

I had something similar in reference to WPATH version and interpretation, that is my insurance company clearly had language around surgery which required one live in role never going back, The language essentially suggested that one must pass for duration of 12 months.

The current version of WPATH allows for people who are not binary in appearance can still have the surgeries that we need. so my shrink was very careful to ensure that the language she used in her writing would be the more important thing than the specific language they had in their policy I also spoke with them about their policy being outdated and in line with a much older version of WPATH.

As far as i'm aware the NHS does NOT require this, it just requires a lot of waiting around due to underfunding and understaffing.
I don't know why the private sector however seem to be lagging behind.

I emailed to ask what they meant by evidence of full time, i'll see what they say but it certainly sounds like a lot of gatekeeping I wasn't expecting from the private sector.


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