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Post-Op Orchiectomy on Estrogen: Libido, Erections & Ejaculation Possible?

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--- Quote from: PamelaMTF on June 09, 2019, 08:01:38 am ---Hi krobinson103,
Can you tell me if you had a high libido prior?  I am trying to figure out how drive / desire prior effects the possibility of loss afterwards.  I have a very high sex drive and am thinking with a more feminine body (Happier self image) that would increase.  But I am scared to lose my libido as it is part of me and brings me a lot of joy.

Thank you so much!

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As I understand it libido comes from testosterone, even in women.  So if your libido falls too much them you can add in a bit of T with a testosterone stick on patch.  While it might sound odd doing M2F and taking T but women have T too.  Sometimes women get a steroid injection for another medical condition and get a huge surge of lust.

Tamara Tilly:

--- Quote from: LeeWhite85 on June 24, 2021, 11:54:01 am ---As I understand it libido comes from testosterone, even in women. 

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I don't think that's true is it? Estrogen also produces libido, just differently. The brain is also important, albeit hormones relate to it.

One thing to consider in this debate is that for the most part those going through MtF surgeries of any kind still retain their prostate gland. And the prostate gland is an incredible source of libido. It's true that it will shrink post-orchie and / or if you are taking anti-androgens but it is still there.


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