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Out in the depths of the Aussie bush I found a spider quietly spinning a Pride Web

Cindy you just literally made me laugh out loud. I knew you had some terrifying spiders down there, but I didn't know they were learning new tricks to pull people into their traps. You better not get to close to it or it could get you.  ;D ;D ;D

Nowadays I spend most of my time studying, photographing and collecting spiders.

They are gorgeous creatures and I have been caught in their web for quite some time.

Great pic Cindy...Some countries have the “Gender Fairy” it would seem we have the “Gender Spider”

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Hi Cindy,

I've had arachnophobia for my entire life. Even though I've never seen a therapist over it, I know that one of the ways they help patients get over it is by having them look at pictures of the 8 legged demons. So I forced myself to start looking at some of the milder species of spiders at first. Now I can even look at pics of the hairy ones, which are the absolute worst in my opinion.

I still have lots of fear and anxiety if I see them on the tv or in the movies though. They just creep me out. But I rarely ever have nightmares about them anymore, so that's a good thing.

Funny story though, I almost killed myself a time or three because of spiders. I've almost had two car wrecks because a spider made its presence known in the car with me while I was driving. And I almost stabbed myself with a broadhead tipped arrow after I noticed a GIANT spider on my chest when I was walking through some head high brush. Luckily I only shredded my shirt instead of shredding my skin as I fought to get it off of me.

I don't think I could ever go to Australia all have some very terrifying spiders down there.


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