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That's hilarious Liz!! ;D ;D ;D


--- Quote from: Lexxi on June 08, 2019, 05:42:21 am ---Hi Cindy,

I've had arachnophobia for my entire life. Even though I've never seen a therapist over it, I know that one of the ways they help patients get over it is by having them look at pictures of the 8 legged demons. So I forced myself to start looking at some of the milder species of spiders at first. Now I can even look at pics of the hairy ones, which are the absolute worst in my opinion.

I still have lots of fear and anxiety if I see them on the tv or in the movies though. They just creep me out. But I rarely ever have nightmares about them anymore, so that's a good thing.

Funny story though, I almost killed myself a time or three because of spiders. I've almost had two car wrecks because a spider made its presence known in the car with me while I was driving. And I almost stabbed myself with a broadhead tipped arrow after I noticed a GIANT spider on my chest when I was walking through some head high brush. Luckily I only shredded my shirt instead of shredding my skin as I fought to get it off of me.

I don't think I could ever go to Australia all have some very terrifying spiders down there.

--- End quote ---

I understand about Arachnaphobia and it is real - but it is a learned response. Children aren't frightened of spiders they take on the reactions of their parents to them.
Australia has only 3 medically significant spiders and 2 of them are very isolated in distribution, they are all vey timid and no spider hunts humans.

I did find this lovely girl recently. She had made her nest hidden among leaves  - she is a leaf-curling Araneid. Her little nest had been torn open by probably a human and stamped on. She was trying to hide and her leg was protecting her egg sack. I took her picture and found a nice place in a tree to tie her little nest of leaves and maybe someone else will see how beautiful she is and her offspring are.

Her colouration is gorgeous. Oh and her diet is flies not humans.

Yeeeesh...that thing is the stuff of nightmares for me.  ;D

Hi Cindy,
I was brought up to be terrified of the Sydney Funnel Web spider when visiting Sydney.  I understand that there's now treatment for its bite but as a kid I was told that it was always fatal.  But as you say, it seems that its quite rare for anybody to actually be bitten by it.
And of course we're all aware of the pretty common Redback, which allegedly has a nasty sting.
What are the 3 you mentioned as "medically significant"?


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