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Transgender Character in The Elder Scrolls Online


Disclaimer: This post contains spoilers for a side story in the Summerset DLC to The Elder Scrolls Online

A few days ago I started playing the Summerset DLC for the MMO "The Elder Scrolls Online (eso)" and found this very interesting side quest that featured a mtf transgender high elf character. I managed to clip the end of the story where she comes out (sadly lost the start of some voice lines) and edit it together for show. You can see it in the video at the bottom of this post.

For those interested a little more on the story it is as follows:


Intro: To start this quest you meet a high elf named Rinyde who's looking for her younger brother Larydel by the auditions of an artistic talent group called the "House of Reveries." However Rinyde doesn't want her brother to be in this organization because she believes he is extremely gifted with magic and a very smart elf so he'd be wasting his skills with this group, and should instead join her on her studies. She asks for you to audition for the house of reveries to get inside and find her brother since everyone in the group wears masks, thus making it hard for her to find him.

Part 1: She will give you clues as to how to identify him despite the masks as you go off to audition. Alchemy, a higher ranked member who judges your audition, likes your performance and invites you to take the next step of joining their group. She will need you to work with other performers who have impressed her to prove you work well with other performers, and this is your chance to use your detective skills to find Larydel, Rinyde's brother.  :icon_suspicious:

Part 2: You will then meet three different masked performers to do just what Alchemy told you to do and in the process, try to figure out which one is Larydel based on Rinyde's clues. When you think you know, you return to Rinyde only to find her gone and Alchemy in her place. Alchemy confronts you and tells you she knows you have been trying to "unmask" Larydel and that you're working with Rinyde, and finds your actions are very rude. She asks if we know who Larydel really is out of curiosity, but won't tell us if we are correct or not and tells us that she won't let us unmask him as he chose to join the house of reveries himself. Before disqualifying us from the final audition she tells you to relay to Rinyde that Larydel said he was always jealous of his sisters skills and doesn't want to ever see her again.

Part 3: After meeting up with Rinyde again you relay Alchemy's message about what Larydel said and she gets very upset. She decides to force Larydel to come back with her by planning to cast a spell when the performers are on stage that will remove the masks and reveal him. If you choose to warn Alchemy about this she will admit she knows some magic too, being the reason how she knew we were snooping, and ask you to get on the stage while she casts a counter spell to direct Rinyde's spell onto us keeping Larydel and the other performers identities safe. Alchemy's plan works, and Rinyde gets in trouble and forced to leave the premises.

Conclusion: In the end you return to Alchemy, but instead of her being glad it's over you find her crying. Upon talking to you she will ask if it was right for her to lie to Rinyde and then admit the truth about Larydel. SHE was Larydel all along but with a new identity now as a woman. She confesses she hated her studies with magic but didn't want that to hurt her sister and especially doesn't want Rinyde to believe that her brother never wanted to see her again. If you encourage her to tell her sister the truth you will then stop Rinyde from leaving and Alchemy will follow to tell Rinyde all of the truth. The two of them will agree to move on down their own paths though reunited now as sisters.
   Additionally Alchemy will tell you more about her life being trans if you talk to her in her office after doing this quest.


Watch the happy ending here (5min):


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