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Help Wanted
« on: June 06, 2005, 08:28:08 am »

I am due to address an organisation next week that is trying very hard to get it right and they are proposing to have committee and spokesperson representation with "gender balance".

I find this a disturbing notion, being a shapeshifter, and i would like to present an elegant argument demolishing this somewhat naive view, and presenting a more equitable arrangement for consideration.

Problem: what would this be?

I could imagine that perhaps one might define White Heterosexual Males as a privileged class, and ask that there is a balance between the privileged and non-privileged.

Although this seems to touch on a truth somewhere, it still does not seem to prescribe an equitable arrangement automatically, especially if there was (say) an LGBTI committee, where "privileged" would devolve to Gay males, showing how shaky this idea is, especially applied to Intersex people.

So please advise me how you would proceed.

I expect that there will be many points of view.