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Why did I dry up? :(

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Danielle P:
I originally posted this on the surgery forum but got no replies. I think this is a better place for it.

I had SRS (penile inversion) at PAI with Dr Sutin in July last year.

I know that self lubrication is not guaranteed, especially with this method, but I was able to do it up until about 2 months ago. What went wrong?

The only things that changed is 1. I started dilating less and 2. I stopped taking progesterone.

1. When I dilate then yeah it’s a bit wet for a day when the lube is coming out. However I don’t think this explanation as to why I had it before. A water based lubricant is not the same as the natural lubrication that I had before, and I can tell the difference. It used to come out slightly yellow in tissue paper.

2. I started taking progesterone again about 2 weeks ago but so far there has been no improvement.

Can anyone offer an explanation, and even better can anyone offer a solution? Are there any good products I can get off Amazon for example?

Thank you  :)

Hi Danielle,

I don't have any answers for you, but I didn't want your post to go unanswered by at least one person. I really hope you can find what you're looking for.  :)


FYI . . . I dilated everyday for 2 years. The last 6 months I had far, far more dryness than the previous 18.  My Dilator (orange) would get stuck during Dilation and it was very painful to get it loose and reapply lube.   As Ive tried to back off from everyday dilation, Ive noticed much more dryness. 

Doctors have told me it is virtually impossible to ever experience self-lubrication because the penile skin used for Vagina interior are not mucosal and never will be. Its just not possible. :-(

the cells of the


--- Quote from: Gail20 on June 30, 2019, 02:53:13 pm ---Doctors have told me it is virtually impossible to ever experience self-lubrication

--- End quote ---

I think those doctors need to talk to more post-ops and not depend on theory...

If I get aroused  enough for long enough I can dilate without any lube and I certainly get wet noticeably down there ... I am about 21 years post-op BTW.

First time it happened I was very surprised, as i did not expect it for the reasons you said.

I am not saying that the lubrication comes from inside my vagina... I am not 100% sure where it comes from... but I suspect it comes from Cowper's gland through the urethra.

In any case given how I can easily dilate without lube when it happens, I suspect I could have vaginal sex without artificial lubrication **IF** turned on enough.

I have been told by other post-ops (though not all) over the years that is the case for them as well.

- karen

May I ask what color is your natural lubrication?  Is it clear, white, yellow... some other color?


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