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I have received notice that Dr Jon Hayes is suddenly ceasing practice as from next week.

I have no more information than that.

If you are a patient of Dr JH I suggest that you contact his surgery for advice.

If anyone has more information please post it in this thread.


This is really bad news. I'm quite worried.

This was posted on another site

Hi friends
As mentioned in my earlier post Dr Jon Hayes has ceased his practice due to an ongoing dispute with the Medical Council of NSW
He has asked if anyone wants to send him a letter of support to help him pursue the matter Letters can be sent to

Does anyone know where you can get implants and high blood estrogen levels? I'm interested in anywhere in the world at the moment. Maybe not the middle-east just yet, but give me a few months and who knows.

A list of doctors has just been published who will prescribe HRT, and includes many who will do implants and informed consent.


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