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Nails: How you can prevent breakage, what is best to do when they break?

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--- Quote from: ChrissyRyan on July 16, 2019, 07:11:58 pm ---I have found that when my nails get "too long" I have a bad habit of biting them!  Ugh!
I have not resorted to a cayenne pepper nail coat to stop that biting.

I can say that I am having them break or tear from their length about as often as me biting them now, so that is progress.

I have not got this biting nailed down yet though!   :)


--- End quote ---
I am lucky, I never was a nail biter.  But I think nail biting stems from some kind of nervous and insecurity feeling.
It is a habit that can be eliminated over time.
Maybe, once you are a happy woman, those bad habits go away?

Never use your fingernails to dig, like in a flowerpot, just use your fingertips if need be, or better yet, a tool!   :)


Does anyone else here occasionally bite your fingernails?


I was a compulsive nail biter until 2005 when I vowed to quit on my BD.  Soon after someone in my family was involved in a terrific accident.  Despite the stress I held on and gave up the habit.  I love that my nails are so nice. 

I have been noticing that it seems that my fingernails are not as hard or thick as they were in the past.

This is a little annoying but I hear it is not universal however not uncommon among MTFs.



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