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Pakistani clerics declare transgender marriages legal in Islam

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Pakistani clerics declare transgender marriages legal in Islam

The Telegraph/ Mohammad Zubair Khan, Islamabad  Andrew Marszal, New Delhi
27 June 2016 • 7:31pm

"Fifty top Pakistani clerics have issued a religious decree declaring that transgender people have full marriage, inheritance and funeral rights under Islamic law."

That's very refreshing news! While Donald Trump and Republicans work on taking away the rights of transgender people here in the U.S., one of the most religiously strict countries in the world looks to give their transgender citizens even more rights.

Consider my mind blown!

Thanks for sharing this Stephanie!


It is good to see that logic is being practiced in the world. Too bad logic isn't working here in the US.

Ricki Wright:
That happened 3 years ago. Here is how some of that played out. This article is from 11 months ago.


Thank you for the update stephaniec and Ricki!
I have a Pakistani friend, but he never mention any of this. Now, I will discuss this with him.


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