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I am looking for a) a decent wig or wig manufacturer for under $100 (anythingon Amazonis a plus); and b) any decent how-to videos on how to wear one.  Thanks!

Hi TrissS,

This topic may provide you with some ideas and help:,240422.0.html


Yes, we've had a lot of useful wig threads here. I'd suggest doing a site search. As for whether or not you can buy a "decent" wig for $100, it very much depends upon your opinion of what is decent. I've run across many folks who seem happy with inexpensive synthetic wigs. I've been an avid enthusiast of hairstyling and wigs for many years and to me high quality human hair is the only way to go. No matter what, the wig needs to be both a good match for you (in style, shape and color) and it will almost always need to be trimmed and styled to suit your features. I have seen inexpensive wigs that look fairly good when well chosen and after being professionally styled to the wearer.

In my own experience, wigs have been a bit like bras in that it seemed to take several purchases before I found one that worked for me well. Save up your pennies.


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