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Have any of you took a week or so to try out "full-time" away from your city?

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Have any of you tried to see how successful you could live as a woman by taking a week or so off, going somewhere away from where you call home to do this?

If yes, how far along were you in your transitioning journey?

Was your female voice pretty well convincing?

Were your mannerisms and female presence previously well demonstrated though practice and public interaction prior to this "stealth week?"

How did this trial week work out for you?  Did you realize that you had a long way to go or that you pretty much had "male fail?"

Did you achieve more confidence that you could blend in as a woman in society?

If you were to do the trial again, is there anything you would do differently, such as making it a longer trial or being "better prepared" before doing this?  Did you go out of town with someone to do this or did you go by yourself?  Did you do this trial by attending a conference or event, such as the October scheduled Fantasia Fair held in Cape Cod?

Hugs,  :)


I did something very similar to what you described, I spent a little more than 3 days with a friend of mine in a city 2 hours away.
I presented as female a few times prior to that long weekend but not much because I didn't have enough clothes and opportunities.
At the time I already had long hair and many situations strengthened my belief that on a good day I can pass without hormones. I always acted feminine, I just had to repress it, so mannerisms and presence came quite naturally when I was able to relax the strict control. This was long before facial hair removal so I had to shave every day.
My voice was not good(still not good enough).

The "test" started in my own city, just not at home. I dressed up in my garage which was further away so the neighbors didn't see me. I wore high heels, tight straight jeans, a black t-shirt with a bra(to have the illusion of breasts) and a baggy denim jacket. Apart from the bra and the heels every item was male clothing as I did not have any women's clothes.

I headed to our local train station which was a 25 minute walk in heels. I was really nervous, almost sprained my ankle because I had to walk quickly to reach the train. A little later I was so worried that I will miss the train that my worries about passing seemed to fade away.
Even more so when I had to go though the whole length of the train twice to find an empty seat and nobody bat an eyelid, I seemed to pass.
After arriving, we traveled a lot and we did a lot of shopping together in the three days.I bought my first female clothes, my first epilator and my friend did my eyebrows for the first time as well.
Everybody I met treated me as a young woman which was a fantastic experience. That was the very first time when I had the 'this is right' feeling.
I realized that this could be done if I put effort in losing weight, facial hair removal, voice and getting the letters for the paperwork. For a moment there it seemed that in a few months I will be full-time. Did not turn out that way but it was a great start. Sadly my friend did not live to see me going full-time but I will honor her memory by going forward.

Well it was a while ago now that I am full time, complete transition but yeah I did that 10 years before transition.

I was scared out of my mind.  It was an important stepping stone to where I am now.

Reading your post made me smile, not at you but at myself.  I wondered about all those things too.  OH MY GOD.  What if my voice isn't good enough, mannerisms etc etc.  That stuff doesn't matter to me anymore but it sure did back then.

Oh yeah, I remember.  It was exciting, great and very scary.  I went and had a makeover at the start of it.  I will try to find some pictures.

If you want to do this just get up the guts and do it.  I did it in 2005.  In 14 years the trans movement has made enough ground that you won't be looked at as much as back then.

It is nice to see your two posts, Lynne and Kim, thank you.  While it is nice to be out all day or evening as yourself, and have some noteable successes, having to do such a "trial run" for a longer period of time, with no male presenting during that time, sounds like a good, but daunting test.

The "being away from home" aspect seems like it would reduce the chances of randomly running into someone you know who you are not ready to out yourself to.

I can imagine having a car accident or car failure while out far away from home and not having any female ID to match how you present yourself.  That could happen near home too though.


I don't know whether my version meets your criteria.  I moved from Minnesconsin to Florida, and started here to slowly become full time female.  Earlier last year I went up north as a guy, and came out to everybody important to me.  After I came back to Florida, I lived full time as a woman since.  Very shortly I will travel up north again, but this time as a full time woman, with name and gender ID's changed.  Most people who count have seen updated pictures of me, but this summer will be the first time that they see the new me in life and in color.  I know that my ex will criticize me that I should not wear this with that, and that my hair would look better this or that way, but she did that for 36 years of us being together, and she would seem to be strange to me, if she would not do this!
I expect others to tell me that i am a much better looking woman than I was as a man, and that will go down like honey.  And one of my friends will wonder, if we still can talk about John Deere stuff, and how I can even life without my JD 2330 tractor!
I am really looking forward to see my former world through the eyes of a woman!


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