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Is there a way to not draw attention to what you think are your big MTF hands?

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Perhaps I am overthinking things, I will say that upfront.

Is there a way to not draw attention to what you think are your big MTF hands?
In a way, jewelry or nail polish can draw attention to your hands. But maybe they also tend to make them look smaller?

There is no practical way that I ever heard of making your hands actually smaller, unless perhaps they would be smaller the less you weigh.

One thing I came up with that might help is something I like to do, and that is to make eye contact with others you are with.  Maybe that helps them to keep their eyes locked onto yours too!  It does seem more personal, unless you are with someone from another culture that finds direct eye contact uncomfortable.

I have natural gesticulation that is becoming more feminine, that helps overall too I think.

Hugs,   :)


Chrissy, I think the natural feminine gesticulation is a good way to go.
For several years I worked with a long tall mtf woman who actually had very long hands, but they never stood out (to me at least) because of a kind of elegance she had with  her postures and gestures.

My own hands are kind of thick and wide and sometimes I sort of curl my palm,, bringing my  thumb and  pinky a little closer together  thinking it makes them look more slender.

I'm also curious if anyone has nail polish tricks or other suggestions for this

Maid Marion:
You can draw attention away from your hands.  Long hair draws people to your face.  A crop top draws the attention to  your waist.  We all know what cleavage does!

A contrasting nail polish will draw attention  Something more modest, perhaps a sheer pink, may be a better for fulfilling your beauty needs.

If  your hands are thick, long nails in non contrasting color may give them more pleasing appearance.

These thoughts make sense Maddie and Maid Marion.  Thank you.


My hands are not really big, a medium male glove size.  I know women who have bigger hand.  What I found that makes them look smaller is to have long fingernails painted.  These make your fingers looking longer, and change the proportion of your hands, and they appear to be smaller.


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