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Is there a way to not draw attention to what you think are your big MTF hands?

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There are things you can do to create a little (pardon the pun) slight of hand.
Making you fingers longer by getting acrylic nails is a great way to make your finger look long and slender, and use of a metallic or sparkly nail polish diverts attention from your hands to your fingertips.  I frequently get compliments on my nails from women who don't even notice that they are too big to wear closed bracelets.

A ring with a solitaire zirconium on the ring finger of the left hand is a good way to reduce the number of unwanted advantages from men who don't understand the meaning of no.  If you want advances, wear it on the right ring finger, which suggests that you are probably divorced.  Just replace it before it discolors your finger.

A watch on the left hand and a bracelet on the right hand can also create a more feminine appearance and again, draws attention away from the heel of your hand, which is the most obviously large part.

I'm seeing some questionable claims about the impacts of Estrogen on the body.  Estrogen WILL help redistribute fat on the face and increase the size of the fanny, making the hips appear larger, but it will NOT make bones shrink.  Many MTF women are more aware of their bodies and therefore want to make the effort to maintain an attractive figure but the Estrogen alone won't be enough.  If you had a beer belly before you started transition it will stay there unless you do the exercises necessary to get rid of it.  Similarly, if you lose weight, you will also lose weight in your feet as well as your waist and thighs.  The upper body strength will wane, but without proper diet and exercise, it's just as easy to end up with flabby arms or "wings".

In fact, if you need to lose weight, it's a good idea to do it during Real Life Experience but BEFORE you start hormones, because when you first start estrogen you will probably have cravings for carbs, especially flour and sugar.  Plan on taking walks at night as a girl, at least a mile or so, and on the weekends consider going to an LGBTQ friendly club to do some dancing.  Take some aerobic dance classes such as Jazzercize or Zumba.  Those moves go over quite well in the clubs.

Thank you Debbie.


Perhaps with nice nail polish and jewelry you would not mind if someone looked at your big hands or would not be as up tight about it. They are big though, there is no way I know to make them smaller.

Perhaps this is something along the lines of one thinking she has a big nose or some other flaw?


Bangles and bracelets seem to help.  This may at first appear to be counterintuitive, as these are worn not far from the hands.  But they can become a focal point. 

Just do not have them around when operating some machinery or using some tools!


Battle Goddess:
I talk with my hands to the extent that I p much can't speak without using gestures. Never noticed anyone staring curiously at them while they're waving around. I surmise that people are focusing on the overall gesture instead.


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