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Leaves dance in the night breeze. A whisper calling me to change things up and start a journal thread. 
Intended topic is present transition, growth, and change, although it will no doubt contain flashbacks. It's often hard not to look back. 
And may seeds of hope and a future grow here too.

My apartment has a south-facing balcony porch. This time of year, a few boxes contain green and purple growing things. Things do change here over seasons and years, as they do in Susan's Place.  I don't know Susan personally, having only been around a few seasons, but I'll bet you a peppermint leaf that she would agree.

Won't you join me here for tea?  I don't do alcohol or tobacco myself, but you are welcome to bring whisky, wine, or smoke if it makes you feel at home. I'm not your prescribing MD.


There are many things about transition I have not experienced yet. And I have taken on some experiences that may be prerequisite.  I hope to live and be subjected to many experiences. And survive them, for I want to live.  Here in the garden and beyond.

Welcome :)

Good Morning Ms Maddie - a garden of changes, how appropriate and telling, I like the sound of this. Indeed the seasons change and so do we, and life is full of changes, some really good, some not so. That's why I enjoy cultivating the good seeds of kindness, caring, and love that will grow happiness, and fulfillment into our lives here in the present, as well as future moments  :) Transition experiences can be exhilarating and scary, they bring about growth and understanding not only of one's self, but of others. I hope your changes are fulfilling Maddie and bring about resolve and personal contentment. I am happy to post in your personal garden thread and have enjoyed meeting and interacting with you here at Susan's.

Have a wonderful "growing" day  :)

Cynthia -

Hi Maddie,
   Can I come if I bring my hay fever? Ahhhhh-coo! I agree on the tobacco and only occasionally on the booze. I have noticed your postings more lately and find you to be nice and also sensitive. (In a good way) If it's okay, maybe I can drop in to the garden, you know, like three in the morning, crash the party, wake the neighbors, cause general mayhem, then sleep amongst the flowers.  ;D Seriously, good luck on the thread! I'm off to electrolysis.
Hi CynthiaAnn

Hi Cynthia Ann!! I have already sensed you cultivating these wonderful seeds... in myself and in others here on the forum.  I treasure this!  It is too early for cherry tomatoes, but the first one to pop and turn red will have a little smile on its face, and it is for you

--- Quote from: HappyMoni on June 25, 2019, 08:47:58 am ---Ahhhhh-COO o!

--- End quote ---
Bless you Moni! Yes, please crash the garden party. A box of purple nectar-y flowers,  visited by hummingbirds, is yours to sleep in if you visit. I'm leaving a box of tissues next to it just in case

Thank you for bringing up electro.
I am enjoying my face changing a little and facial hair becoming more invisible these days due to this treatment. Have been going regularly now, but since I started it (Dec '15) have been upset at times with my electrolysist,  and have even stopped going to her for periods of months and even close to a year once. This due both to finances at times, and her dumping issues on me, upsetting me while I'm receiving the sometimes painful treatment.  It has spurred growth in me to hang in there with it, and even respect her views and pain, which are often not mine. My natural tendency has been to be defiant and run away from pain and opposition. This is not always serving me on this transition path. So I see this as growing as a human spirit being. In the now.

Anyone wish to drop in or even share changes and growth(or stopping thereof) resulting from undergoing electrolysis in your transition?

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Maddie:
I love your choice for the name of your personal transition thread... "Ms. Maddie's Garden of Changes" 
I think that all transitioners can utilize a place that they can write out some details regarding their experiences, thoughts and questions regarding their own exciting transition journey.

This will be your place to tell your readers and followers about your successes and good news updates, but also just as importantly, you can write about your disappointments, discouragements and failures....
Writing our your feelings on your own thread is a good way for you to personally explore your feelings about the issues, good and bad, that you are experiencing. 
I absolutely find that for me it is good personal therapy to be able to express these things, not just for others to read and to give their comments, but I think it is actually much more important for the author. 

I also recommend that you might want to start your own personal journal at home... 
...I keep a frequently updated "old-school" Pen&Paper journal complete with colorful doodling and some pertinent pictures.   
Many times on a cold and rainy night or whenever, I can be found pouring though my writings to see where I have been, where I am now and where I am going.... sometimes with tears in my eyes.   It is always good for me to read and to ponder my difficult issues that I write about and then to think about positive ways to improve my situation.   Again, great personal therapy.

When you report good news, we will all rejoice with you... and when the news is not-so-good, we are here to lend our ears to listen and our shoulders to lean on. 
We  are  your biggest fans and we always are rooting for you.

Again Maddie, thank you for joining me and the other members here that are keeping their personal transition thread available for all to read and to share their thoughts.

HUGS, and best wishes.....    I will be eagerly looking for your future postings here.


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