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This was my coming out.
« on: June 26, 2019, 10:49:08 pm »
I always knew I was into girls since the age of 12yrs old, I know some people say it gets easier but I don't think so personally it depends where you live and so on, I'm 33yrs old now, still single by the way I have gone through so much when I was in high school and how my parents where towards me, It sucked really bad I got discriminated in high school people bullied me, I just was trying to find a girl that would love me and accept me for who I was everyone was mostly straight it was a mess, I got into trouble all the time or beat up. I didn't come out to my parents witch are no longer here they passed away, and I had no friends at the time no one I could trust fully or other family members.

I didn't come out on my own, the school teacher called my parents and said I was flirting with some girls and I was alone and lonely and that is all I wanted and I just told them I liked them but they lied and said other stuff it was really messed up situation. She told me that do I need to call your parents? I said no I thought it was a scare tatic but it was true she did call them, and when I got home that day they went off on me, They called me so many names they told me to get the <not allowed> out and they didn't raise no <not allowed> queer, or fag and so on they hit me my dad punched my back and they where so mean to me, they didn't even let me talk they tore up my room and so on. It was a huge mess and I still got discriminated in school. Teachers even put girls to flirt with me just so they would get me into trouble or to get kicked out.

This is what happen I was in the 10th grade we had student aide come in usually someone that is about to graduate and to get some extra helping credits, and she started to flirt with me I thought maybe this is my chance, she would have bent over in front of me, she would have leaned on my desk and helped me with something and I clearly seen down her shirt, of course I turned blushy cause I never had this happen, and then she would say stuff like she didn't like guys and looked at me, and then the bad thing I did was there was some boys they asked me what would I do to her? I told them and that was wrong because they told everything wrong and they asked if I liked her and so on, and so it became a messed up situation I could have really gotten them into trouble this hunts me today to talk to other girls sometimes in person.

So one day I had the courage we went on a field trip, and I said to her can I talk to you when we get back she said sure, so we didn't go back right away and I guess she got the hint what I wanted to talk to her about so she was becoming snobby towards me and ingoring me, and so on so the thing is though we didn't go back we went to get lunch stopped some where to get lunch and I saw her by herself I said could we talk now? She said yea and then I took her away from everyone and then it was just me and her and all that came out of my mouth I was nervous was her name and I like you.  And she stood there with her arms crossed and a mean smirk on her face and she said "I Have a boyfriend I'm not like that" You like me a bit to much.

The next day, she wasn't in class and I thought nothing of it I just thought she was maybe out or busy doing stuff, I came in and everyone started to look at me like I have murdered someone everyone was very pissed I told her also please don't tell the teacher it was between us I said and I would've stopped when someone wasn't intersted. It was all but of course I didn't know at the time the teacher was into this to with the plan so I sat down I heard my name called on the annoucement thing, they told me to come to the office normal thing for me, and then when I was walking I figured it out I said oh <not allowed> I hope it's not with her, and then I started bursting out into tears cause I did a harmless thing anyhow, When I got into the office in the room it was her and the principle, and she was sitting in the chair with her arms crossed and smirk on her face, and kinda of laughing I was crying and sat down.

Principle asked me do I know why I'm here? I said yes I do I said because I told her I liked her, she said again the girl she said I'm not like that I have a boyfriend and then they let her go, and kept me behind and the principle said her parents want to have a meeting with your parents and etc they are planning on suing and pressing charges? I'm like where is there to press charges on? to myself and then moving on they let me go there was a note sent home, and then we had a big meeting my mom, me the gudiance and principle the teacher, and her and her parents, and my mom was the only one that went to these things my dad stayed home he was getting sick with cancer at the time.

They told her story and all they said I liked her a bit to much and so on, and then my mom told them that my dad was getting sick with cancer, and stuff and they felt bad and they dropped the freaking charages? There was no charges to be made anyway?

Also the thing is though the whole thing was dropped I went to school the next day day and so on and the thing is the teacher was up to it again, he was old and perverted thing no one would have believed me though cause I have been into to much trouble has it was in school.

There was another student aide that came in, and she was sitting up front with him he was talking about me clearly, and pointing at me, and then saying stuff telling her what she can do to get me into trouble and so on, and they where even sitting up in front pointing at me and looking I tried to listen, but I heard her say really loud "I'm NOT DOING THAT" and he got so pissed about it cause she wasn't going to do his plan.

Witch was a thankful thing and a blesssing cause I probably would have fell for it and this is what I have been through it was tough and of course most girls where straight so when someone of the same sex likes you they flip out.

This was my coming out

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