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Does it really get better just wondering

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I think Nikita makes a good point. After I transitioned publicly and hormonally I went through a period of adjustment presenting as a woman. I had to learn a lot of new ways of doing things or, saying it another way, I had to unlearn many of the things that I did when I presented as a man. In a way, I reinvented myself as the woman I always was. I also had to let the disphoria fade so that it wasn't so important in my life. Once I had done that I was a more balanced and confident person and because of that it has been easier to interact with others. I've certainly noticed that other people interact better with me. I'm slowly meeting people now and getting friendly. So, like Nikita said in her post above, 'it' doesn't get better until 'you' get better. It got better for me when I got better. I think self improvement might be the key. It was for me anyway.



I don't know about the relationship front. I've had guys approach me and I have hooked up with a couple, but there are so many that just want to fulfill a fetish that it's put me on edge about all of them. I've probably passed up on some good ones because of that.

As far as friends go, they just kind of found me. I joined groups for things I enjoy doing and extroverts adopted me. Over time, we became close friends.

Maid Marion:
I meet a lot more people randomly with my female presentation.

I just got a complaint from a GG that my Facebook profile was ancient.
I recall that ages ago she was only  interested in really tall guys.
Height still plays an unreasonably big factor in starting relationships.
As in they won't actually look at you  if your height is outside some totally arbitrary standard.
Before  I was on the outside.

If height is an issue you may need to explore venues in which being brushed off at first isn't the end of the story.



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