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Karyotyped 3 what do they mean


I'm 33 now but when I was born they said when I did look at my medical records

On my medical records I got to see a little bit of them said I have 3 Karyotypes they said
These findings are interpreted as being compatible with the karyotype of 46,XX Individual. What ever they mean by that I wonder what the third letter was

Can someone explain this to me what was the third letter? I wonder they just say that and that's it.

Karotype 46,XX is the normal karotype for a female.  I do not understand what you mean by having three karotypes, nor what you mean by a third letter.

There are various intersex conditions that can occur within the 46,XX karotype.  But you have not given us enough information to guess what, if any, condition you might have.

Your best bet is to talk to your doctor and have them explain your medical records to you.


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