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PM's aren't working for me, cant figure out why.  Im hoping to privately communicate with a few people on here........

Hi Mousish,

I think you have to make 50 posts before PM's are turned on. One of the moderators probably sent you a link in one of your first posts explaining it all...but it takes a log of digging around in those posts to find the answer. I got in trouble for putting a link in one of my posts. So I had to research that welcome message to discover when everything really opens up. For instance I learned you have to make 500 posts before you're allowed to provide links to people.

If you keep interacting with people you'll reach that 50 post milestone in no time at all.

Hope this helps,


mouseish if you have questions as to why you can not pm please reach out by email to Cindy. Her email is Considering this topic isn't up for discussion I'm locking the thread.


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