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It's sad to see
I'll never be
Neither him nor her
Where once so sure

Thoughts unwind
No peace of mind
For sanity's sake
New paths to take

Scramble and climb
Done while blind
Barriers and holes
Trap your soul

Try to stand
Reach out a hand
No one to care
They only stare

A world that's rife
With pain and strife
What matters just one
All said and done

What to do
There's only you
A place to start
Open your heart

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Faith:
Wonderfully written and great expressions of your thoughts and feelings.
Thank you for sharing and posting.


Note, whenever you have something like this to share we are always eager to read what you have to say.
There are other member's writings on the various threads on the forums and also on my following thread. 
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