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Beauty stores that welcome the business of the transgender community

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As I am unsure if we can post a direct link, I simply say to open a Web browser and do a search on:

Sephora We belong to something beautiful

Click the related Sephora link that pops up and visit the many parts of the We Belong Web page at Sephora.

(Ulta and others stores are helpful too, for sure.)

(Administrators, please delete this post if this is not an allowed post.  I have no financial ties to Sephora.)


Sephora is very transgender friendly.  Laurie and I had our first makeover at Sephora nearby.  They treated us with respect, didn’t try to hide us (we were in the front).  The makeover is free if you buy products.  They find the right makeup for you and make you pretty.

Hugs and smiles, Jess

cc: @Laurie @ChrissyRyan

I've had makeup sessions at Nordstrom, Sephora, and Ulta without any problems what so ever.

I've had Sephora makeovers in two different states. One store in Colorado asked me if they could place me on a Transgender list of girls in the local area who are interested in a makeover night designed just for TG women. Of course I said yes! All the ladies that work there are very helpful used correct pronouns with out asking and treated me like any other woman in the store. I'm pretty loyal to a brand that treats me right from the beginning.


I also like the loyalty rewards program at ULTA. It is simply a plus.
Their stores are nice.

Cheaper though are stores that appear to cater to beauty professionals.  I have yet to be turned down in buying anything for not be a beauty professional.

Sometimes items are cheaper at WalMart but a lot of things you cannot find at WalMart or they are way cheaper.  Some even have clothes, costume jewelry, and wigs.



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