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Beauty stores that welcome the business of the transgender community

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--- Quote from: Haley Conner on December 03, 2019, 07:53:24 am --- Lately I just mix up some honey, lemon, and banana and smear that on my face.  It works pretty well, and cost pennies.

--- End quote ---
What is that supposed to do?  I am so out of knowledge with those things, because I seem not to need anything (or I have the illusion that I don't need this?)

I like Ulta for sure.


Have you tried buying cosmetics online?  I was thinking of getting some liquid lipstick that way but that product may not be right for me.

What has been your experiences with using online merchants for buying cosmetics?
I would think if you know what works for you, that simply buying more is one way you know that what you get is right for you. 

I realize that going into the store has its benefits.


I have found Sephora to be wonderful. They have always been very helpful. The have a makeup class for transgender people. I was going to go but it was Covided. When I am shopping, I don't feel like they are trying to go out of there way to help me, as if I were a test. But at the same time, they are willing to spend considerable time helping me. On one trip, the sales woman recognized me and that I was wearing the eyeshadow I had bought on an earlier trip. Made me feel welcome!

As far as online goes, I learned I can't buy an item (at least eyeshadow) for the first time online. I wanted a lighter purple eyeshadow, but not too light. I tried one on that I liked and it changed color after a minute or two. It went on the shade I wanted, but became to dark. Way to dark. I removed the eyeshadow and this time the sale lady applied it and it happened again. She was surprised by the change. Different people, different shades, but she had never seen one change. She actually removed her shadow  and applied this one, thinking it may have been defective, but the color stayed the same. Explains why I like the shade I buy at a drug store, but dont like it on.

I was very surprised when I purchased some $1 each cosmetics at a dollar store that some of it was actually very good.  This was limited to lipstick and gloss purchases.  I am unsure if this was a regularly stocked item or not.  I cannot remember the brand.  That was last fall.  Sometimes things just work out.  :)



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