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Per Susan Below. Please note IRC chat is no longer around. Discord is the only chat option remaining.  For those looking for a link the link is included below.

--- Quote ---I have decided to open the discord up to the general public for both voice and text chatting. You must have a verified email to connect. For convenience you may wish to set the nickname on the Susan's place channel to the same name you use on the forums.

To join click

You can use the web based discord chat or download the dedicated client.

To change your nickname once on the channel click the Susan's Place Transgender Resources at the top of the window and at the bottom of the menu that pops up is the option to change your nickname.

The same rules apply on the Discord server that apply in our irc based chat, and you must follow this web site's Terms of Service at all times, in addition to the Discord Terms of service. Their Terms of Service are very similar to ours.
Please note if you get banned on Discord, you will be banned on the irc chat and visa versa. It is always possible at some point we will merge the two, or discontinue one in favor of the other.
--- End quote ---


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