Author Topic: Have you ever slept walked on ambian? How did you deal with it?  (Read 187 times)

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I have been on ambian for a while now and probably take it 1 or 2 weeks a month as it stops working if I take it daily for long periods. But the other day I have a vague recollection of being in the ER as they were trying to get an IV in me. The estrogen shrank my veins or lowered them under the skin so they did an ultra sound to find a vein, I used to be very easy to give blood. I was agitated so they gave me IV lorazepam I kept trying to leave so they gave me another shot of lorazepam, I didn't feel any better. I kept asking for my belt and cell phone(I was wearing male pants that didn't fit) and they said I came in an ambulance and was confused. My family that I live with is being real quiet around me so I haven't asked them as we have been having problems; its hard being 2x disabled and burdening them but I just can't live on my own mainly due to money, not being able to drive and having  almost weekly doc apts and pharmacy trips. .

I called the hospital because I had a paper for belongings, but they just have voice mail. I used to have a drinking problem because I would escape the fact I was male but haven't drank in a few years, well maybe 4 times in the last four years. Several months ago I was sleep walking on ambian I came down stairs naked (Im super modest and woodlot even be see topless since I grew boobs) and pissed next to the toilet. I got hell for that and trying to explain I thought I was dreaming. They don't get it though.

I don't know how to explain to them that when you are dreaming you do weird things. Im guessing I was walking around babbling. Another time a few years ago my girl friend said I would wake up have sex with her and them sometimes have conversations with people that weren't there but I can sort of remember that when she would tell me.

Sounds funny but they are entertained, and I have a feeling I have to find a new place to live as they were BS the time I pissed on the floor. I have a terrible sleeping disorder and done about 5 sleep studies and tried every sleeping pill there is.

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Re: Have you ever slept walked on ambian? How did you deal with it?
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Ambien was approved in the US for occasional  use only. However, many people have come to need Ambien on a daily basis and that is  when several psychological issues have come up. Sleep walking is just one issue.

As a sleep aid, I have several personal issues with Ambien. My preference is to just stay awake and do something that is not very exciting. Soon enough, I get a bit sleepy and then I go lay down. This works for me as there is always something I should be catching up on.


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