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Little Lynn

Yet Another New Girl
« on: June 06, 2005, 08:48:26 am »
Hello all!  My name is Jocelyn (though most of my friends just call me Lynn).  I discovered this forum last year.  Although I was afraid to join for some time, I felt inspired by the people in this community.  So since discovering this place I’ve thought long and hard if I was willing to try cross-dressing myself. 

Then two weeks ago, I bought my very first dress.  Well, I gave money to one of my female friends who was nice enough to buy it for me.  But I’m still new at this; bear with me.  Anyway, on the following Saturday night (my 21st birthday) I went out dressed up for the first time. 

Honestly, I never imagined it would feel so good.  So freeing… 

You see, on top of being infinitely uncomfortable with my birth gender, I also just happen to be shy.  But when I was dressed up, I wasn’t self-conscious or embarrassed at all… even in public.  I actually surprised myself by feeling so confident.  Although I’ll admit, I’m not sure how well I passed, (I need to work on my voice and posture for example) but my friends and I think I at least look the part.

On the following Saturday night I was able to do it again. (granted I still only have the one dress)  I had even more fun the second time.

So, I honestly want to thank everyone here.  Had I not found this place, I might never have mustered up the courage to actually do this.  And since then, not only do I feel a bit better about myself, but I feel I’ve become a bit more calmed down and a lot less shy.

Again, thank you all so much.


Re: Yet Another New Girl
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2005, 09:26:02 am »
Thank you Lynn for telling about yourself. Your words are here to help others now. I am so glad you are feeling better, i was impossibly shy when i supressed myself also. much love and happiness.   :)



Re: Yet Another New Girl
« Reply #2 on: June 07, 2005, 12:00:52 am »
Hello Jocelyn and welcome to Susan’s most wonderful place. I am very glad you dropped in to say hello!

You inspire me, perhaps someday I’ll have the courage to wear the dresses I’ve always wanted to wear.


Re: Yet Another New Girl
« Reply #3 on: June 08, 2005, 03:09:21 am »
hi -  i  am also shy   and  would not have the nerve  to cross-dress  in public  without  a female  friend  to help  me look as feminine as  possible. i wish  i could   find  one  who
could help me  find the courage  to cross-dress  in public-  the transition  into those
feminine  clothes  would  probably  takes some tension  off me  and allow me to explore
my  feminine pesonality  which  i  have to keep in  the closet. :)


Re: Yet Another New Girl
« Reply #4 on: June 08, 2005, 03:41:15 am »
To those of you who haven't crossdressed in public, try doing it for an occasion, like Halloween or just for a costume party or something. It's also just nice to have a friend who thinks it's cool.

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Re: Yet Another New Girl
« Reply #5 on: June 12, 2005, 12:59:50 pm »
You are not the only one here who is shy.  I'll bet if we took a poll of our members we would find a significant number who identify themselves as shy.  And if we adjusted the results to reflect an estimat of those who were too shy to participate in the poll the numbers would be astounding.  :D


Re: Yet Another New Girl
« Reply #6 on: June 14, 2005, 02:33:56 am »
Hi  Lynn, 

Welcome to Susan's. I've been a member for two years and I've really enjoyed myself talking with like minded people as I'm sure you will find as well. It's very stress releasing.

I felt exactly the same way when I first went out dressed some four years ago. I am shy as well, but when I become my feminine self, I found that I wasn't as shy and I did feel better about myself.I have no problem with discussing my gender issues with people. It actually makes me feel more comfortable.

Keep working on trying to pass, but as long as you've got the basics down, I know that you'll do well.

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