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Little Lynn:
Hello all!  My name is Jocelyn (though most of my friends just call me Lynn).  I discovered this forum last year.  Although I was afraid to join for some time, I felt inspired by the people in this community.  So since discovering this place I’ve thought long and hard if I was willing to try cross-dressing myself. 

Then two weeks ago, I bought my very first dress.  Well, I gave money to one of my female friends who was nice enough to buy it for me.  But I’m still new at this; bear with me.  Anyway, on the following Saturday night (my 21st birthday) I went out dressed up for the first time. 

Honestly, I never imagined it would feel so good.  So freeing… 

You see, on top of being infinitely uncomfortable with my birth gender, I also just happen to be shy.  But when I was dressed up, I wasn’t self-conscious or embarrassed at all… even in public.  I actually surprised myself by feeling so confident.  Although I’ll admit, I’m not sure how well I passed, (I need to work on my voice and posture for example) but my friends and I think I at least look the part.

On the following Saturday night I was able to do it again. (granted I still only have the one dress)  I had even more fun the second time.

So, I honestly want to thank everyone here.  Had I not found this place, I might never have mustered up the courage to actually do this.  And since then, not only do I feel a bit better about myself, but I feel I’ve become a bit more calmed down and a lot less shy.

Again, thank you all so much.

Thank you Lynn for telling about yourself. Your words are here to help others now. I am so glad you are feeling better, i was impossibly shy when i supressed myself also. much love and happiness.   :)


Hello Jocelyn and welcome to Susan’s most wonderful place. I am very glad you dropped in to say hello!

You inspire me, perhaps someday I’ll have the courage to wear the dresses I’ve always wanted to wear.

hi -  i  am also shy   and  would not have the nerve  to cross-dress  in public  without  a female  friend  to help  me look as feminine as  possible. i wish  i could   find  one  who
could help me  find the courage  to cross-dress  in public-  the transition  into those
feminine  clothes  would  probably  takes some tension  off me  and allow me to explore
my  feminine pesonality  which  i  have to keep in  the closet. :)

To those of you who haven't crossdressed in public, try doing it for an occasion, like Halloween or just for a costume party or something. It's also just nice to have a friend who thinks it's cool.


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