Author Topic: Looking for a job in the South Bay near San Francisco, south of Oakland  (Read 1519 times)

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Looking for work in government public service (county, city, state).

Also looking for work as a writer, book publisher's right hand, news editor, web content editor; all jobs which I have over two decades of experience.

Also, customer service in a broad swath of environments, from retail to home & auto insurance.

I am a real people person. Resume and references upon request.

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I have a friend in San Jose. She monitors work crews safety set ups for PGE. Here is the web page. You can get your training online with about 30 hours of study. Pay is incredible $45 an hour plus they pay for any room you may need as well as daily expenses.      They are also hiring for Edison in So Cal.  Don't worry about the Bakersfield id  They have job in these locations.  Field Safety Observers (Field Based)

Bakersfield, California  San Jose, California  Irvine, California San Francisco, California Sacramento, California
Ontario, California Walnut Creek, California Santa Barbara, California Chico, California Santa Rosa, California           

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