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Fear of dressing as Female


Obligatory, I am new so sorry for any formatting or content issues.

Since coming out about 6 months ago as mtf I have consistently insisted that I do NOT want to dress more female than I had in the past. This is partly true, as I do enjoy the clothing I have worn for a while. But I would like to be able to dress feminine on occasion. Everyone around me is supportive so I am not sure why I continue to lie and am afraid to dress differently. Does anyone have advice on getting over this fear?

Maid Marion:
Dress privately at  home to find out what clothes are flattering for your figure.  Over time you will get more comfortable with new styles. 

Maid Marion's advice is great, I think. Maybe find something which you like but is right at the edge of what you're comfortable with and wear it around the house for a while. I bet after a few days or weeks you'll feel completely natural in it. And then something else, which maybe would have been "too much" for you before, will take the place as being just on the edge of your comfort level. At least that's worked for me, taking baby steps and trying to be (mostly) comfortable at each step. After a while you can shift more than you'd believe!


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