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Young Woman comes out on YouTube about needing to Detransition from being a Tran

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This was a strange video.
Parts of it but into the notion that the whole trans things is a contract that has been designed for some unknown reason. Possibly population control.
It's a strange video to share here in the sense that I can only really see this being of interest to someone wanting to de transition or show others that there is something more sinister to the whole transition process.

I for one just do myself, if someone wants to call me a man a woman or whatever else I do not in anyway care.
I know what I feel.
I don't care if I really am a man or something else, I don't care if it is a mental disorder or an actual physical something different in my brain, the outcome is the same regardless.
I just have my outside shell that world sees and perceives.

A very strange video indeed

I'm sorry but I'm calling <not allowed> on this video. It doesn't sound like she was trans to begin with, and I think she made this video because she's a member of one of those anti-trans churches or organizations.

She said she never laid in bed and prayed to be a boy. I'm sure if you ask nearly any other trans person if they prayed to switch genders when they were younger they'd say that they did. Oh and she also said she doesn't believe in God. If she doesn't believe in God then why was she praying to begin with?

But the kicker for me was that she said those online groups pressured her to transition. I've been in online groups multiple hours per day, every single day for over 2 and a half months now, and I've not heard even one person being pressured to transition. In fact every time someone asks if they're trans in one of the groups I belong to, responders are always very careful to tell the person that they need to go talk to a gender therapist. They may tell them that what they're describing is gender dysphoria, but no one has said "yes, you're definitely trans, and you need to start transitioning immediately."

I also thought it was kind of weird that she hadn't told her parents yet and didn't want to make a grand gesture to the general public. Then why was she making a video and putting it on YouTube. That just doesn't make sense! You think if she really had been trans and decided to detransition her parents would be the very first people she'd talk to about it since they were against it in the first place.

For the record I quit watching the video at about the 8 minute mark when she claimed that online groups were pressuring her.

So that's my two cents on this video. I think it's nothing but propaganda.


Nothing wrong with detransitioning. It's something that we tend to stigmatize here on the site. Wrongly.

Oh, and it isn't news, this is posted in the wrong section.


--- Quote from: Devlyn on July 31, 2019, 07:22:28 am ---Nothing wrong with detransitioning. It's something that we tend to stigmatize here on the site. Wrongly.

Oh, and it isn't news, this is posted in the wrong section.

--- End quote ---

Hi Devlyn,

Maybe I'm wrong but I don't get the feeling that anyone was stigmatizing detransitioning.  Obviously it happens for many different reasons and there's nothing wrong with that. But I think many transgender people have their guard up for stories like these because they've been used as a method to delegitimize transgender people.

Maybe she's being honest with her feelings, but I have a feeling a lot of anti-transgender groups will push this video to promote an anti-trans narrative.

Take care,
Paige :)


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