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Gun violence the new normal

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Haley Conner:
Yet ANOTHER shooting just today in Dayton, leaving 9 dead and 26 injured.  The shooters manifesto seems to contain racist rants against Mexicans.  Multiple people whom I attended HS with have now been present and in the line of fire during mass shootings.  That is how common it's become.  And the NRA is a spigot of fear mongering, sewing suspicion and discord and fear, all in the interest of firearm sales.  And the president himself is fueling the fear and hatred, and not addressing the problem.  I hope reason prevails before too many more people die.


--- Quote from: Haley Conner on August 04, 2019, 10:58:59 am ---I hope reason prevails before too many more people die.

--- End quote ---
I too share your hope, however I fear it will continue for many years to come. Each time this happens the public as a whole becomes less inclined to view this as abnormal. Like you say the "new normal".

Haley Conner:
Another day, another crazed gunman on a rampage.

As one who watches from across the border, I can't help wonder about how this could happen in a supposedly civilized society.  From my point of view, the problem seems to be from the gun rights crowd, who seem to think the problem to any problem, including gun violence, is more guns.  A very big part of that is the NRA, who are determined to get as many guns out there as possible.  Not too long ago, they were suing Seattle, to stop the city from bringing in gun safety laws.  This is from an organization that was founded to promote gun and hunting safety.  Of course, they have long been a front for the gun manufacturers and this goes to the heart of the problem.  I am not opposed to guns and, in fact, used to own a rifle myself.  But the reaction from some, at any attempt to reduce gun violence, is beyond belief.  Add to this the current climate that seems to be fueling intolerance and you get this sort of situation, where even victims can be blamed for the violence that affects them and their families.  Then we get to the deniers who claim these mass shootings didn't happen, were staged etc.

There are other heavily armed countries, such as Switzerland and Israel, but this sort of thing tends not to happen there.  Why is the U.S. so different from the rest of the civilized world?

Allie Jayne:
These incidents make me so glad I live in Australia with strict gun laws, though there is pressure here to water down those laws. I’m not sure if violent video games, or graphic reporting are causes, but all societies seem to be getting more violent. Once again we weep for the innocent victims of these massacres and remember Obamas dire predictions that it will happen again and again.....



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